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What does freedom mean to me? By Julius Kalindra

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What does freedom mean to me?

For me freedom is everything. It lets me be free. You can basically do whatever you want, from traveling around the world without problems to being a happy man. There are no limits to your imagination of being free. I’m happy to say to everybody that I’m free.

Not everybody gets the opportunity to be free. There are millions people that are constrained. They are stated from some guy that they don’t like. Once, it was the same in my homeland. Everybody should be thankful for partisans that fought with their blood for what we have now. I appreciate patriotism for their home, and I wish that I will get the honor to be like them one day.

I think the key to freedom is language. Without your nationality you will become someone else. Words and sentences in your language gives the reason to be patriotic. It lets you speak free from all the other people. I’m happy to be able to speak Lithuanian and that’s only one of the great things that freedom gives you.

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