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What Does Freedom Mean to Me? MK

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What Does Freedom Mean to Me?

For me, freedom means a lot of things. First of all, it gives me a chance to do things right. It is directly related to responsibility. When a person is free to decide, he becomes responsible for his own actions. It is very important that these actions are well thought because they might affect not only your life but also have influence on others.

Freedom for me also gives a chance to be wrong in the sense that it tells me not to be afraid if something goes wrong. It teaches me to learn from my mistakes and not give up in my failures. From all my experienced failures I take a lot of good things and this is the only way I will understand what action is the best for my freedom.

Freedom also gives me an opportunity to be myself.

You can’t be free without being yourself. If you are pretending being someone else, you can’t feel comfortable to do something that makes you free.

Freedom lets me to have my own opinion about things one likes it or not.

I feel free to say my opinion to others. Do not be afraid of your opinion because it is yours and no one can deny it. Only if you radiate the freedom from yourself, you are happy and your people are happy too.

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