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“What is Freedom for me?” By Viltė Žigaitė

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“What is Freedom for me?”

A definition of freedom is uncertain and it never will be, since every single person has their own views on moral things based on their beliefs. People‘s opinions can be as different as day and night, but it‘s wrong to say that some people are right, and others – are not, because everyone should have a will to express their opinion however they want to.

Some people may say that freedom for them is being able to travel around the world, discover new cultures and meet different personalities, others may see it as a form of expression, an ability to show what a human being is capable of. For me, personally, freedom is being able to speak my mind without actually saying anything, being able to express my feelings and emotions through art or music, that way I can show people what I‘m trying to say and for them not just listen to me, but truly hear what I am telling. Freedom is being true to myself, creating myself the way I want to, piecing my life together as I go, being unlimited, making spontaneous decisions, being the person I want to be, not something other people want me to, creating my own style, choosing a music genre I love, picking out my favourite colour. Freedom is the ability to choose and not being managed by someone else. Freedom is pursuing and achieving , setting a life goal and being able to succeed at reaching it. It‘s an opportunity to learn from the mistakes you‘ve made in addition to be a better person. Freedom is being independent.

All in all, freedom is one of the most important things in life, without it I wouldn‘t be the person I am today, it‘s great to have an ability to express my thoughts and views freely, sharing my ideas with people, being able to choose the kind of person I want to be. For me freedom is being different.

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