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What is freedom? By Donata Jackevičiūtė

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What is freedom?

Freedom for me is when I can freely talk with other people: my siblings, parents, friends, and teachers.

Freedom for me is a possibility to surf the internet and to find there necessary information.

Freedom for me is also reading books chosen by myself.

I think, that a lot of people understand correctly the meaning of “freedom”, like I do, but there are some people who think about it differently, even wrongly. They think, that the freedom is a possibility to fight on the street, to taunt over others and to do other harmful things. It isn’t right. That isn’t the freedom that is bully, addiction or abusing rights of other people.

I think, that for modern children it would be useful to know about freedom from their parents and grandparents because they could tell about their experience of living in a country occupied by Russia and lacking of freedom. Now it is very hard to imagine being under total control of others and living without right to speak freely or even listen to radio and to music from other countries.

I am sure that we are so happy, because our parents and grandparents fought and won Lithuania’s independence and freedom!

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