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How I understand the word freedom. By Livija Pilipauskaitė

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What is freedom?

Every person understands freedom differently. If you ask someone a simple question – “What is freedom?” Everyone will answer differently. But there are two types of freedom, in my opinion: internal and external freedom. Internal freedom means, when person can live like he wants, by his own rules, principles, norms. External freedom means, when one is imprisoned, living by someone else‘s instructions. These types of freedom are two incomparable things. Each freedom takes away the possibility to choose, express oneself. Neither will be happy, if there isn’t any kind of freedom, so mostly, freedom gives a person happiness. When an individual has freedom, he can create his own life as he wishes: have goals, choose studies, speak freely and much more.

For me personally, having freedom means when I can live following my own rules, live being myself, the way I imagine is right.

Every person must have his or her own freedom, countries deserve that too, because I believe, it is impossible to be free in an occupied country. Our country is free, after all those things with Russia in the past, we made it and we stand tall. I hope mu country it will be free – ALWAYS. Freedom for a country is essential.

We are still free, because we, people, believe in our country and we believe in ourselves. We united and defended our country. I am proud of our history as much as I am proud to be a Lithuanian.

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