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What Is Freedom. By Tomas Aukštuolis

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What Is Freedom

Freedom is the best thing that you can have, but it’s not for everyone. Some people really like being free, some of them just don’t like freedom and some of them can’t even have freedom. So, why is this freedom so important?

Freedom is a thing that we can’t touch, but it is there if you actually believe in it. For some people it is very important, because they can make decisions by themselves. Get education where ever they could, talk a language they want, live a life however they want. But some of us don’t really care about freedom. They want someone else to make their own life decisions. And some people can’t have freedom. They hate the fact that they can’t have freedom, but some of them don’t care. Some of them will fight for freedom, or accept the unwanted faith.

In my opinion I care about freedom, because I want to make my own life decision. And you should make a choice of having freedom or not.

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