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What is freedom for me? By Viktorija Tamašauskaitė

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What is freedom for me?

At the end of long and exhausting day I sit here looking through my window… And all I can think of is people down there, on the streets. They look happy – what else can a person need? And the answer just pops into my head – freedom. People, small or big, young or old, short or tall – everyone wants the same thing – to be free. And then I thought about what freedom really means for me, what is it and why it is so important to me.

Firstly, freedom for me is being able to make my own choices. No one can tell me what to do – I make my own path which I walk. I choose what to eat today, where to go tomorrow and where to live after a year or two. This is what comes naturally in everyone’s lives, but not everyone can evaluate what they have. Freedom is one of the most important aspects of our lives because without it we would be only like robots in this society.

Secondly, freedom is to speak what I want and whenever I want. These days people all around the world are afraid to speak for themselves because they would be judged. Differences between cultures, ethnicities and views make it hard to communicate with each other freely. Sometimes one thing that was said by a person can have more than one meaning and others get insulted and mad. That‘s why there is no peace in our world. But we all have the freedom of speech and no one should get insulted for what another person has to say. Everyone has their own opinions, views and they should be free to talk and express themselves.

To sum everything up, I just want you all to know that freedom is never about only few things like I mentioned above. It is all about the whole set of values that we have, privileges, views and everything that surrounds us. For me, freedom is the most important thing in life, because I can do whatever I choose to according to my values. Without the freedom I have, I wouldn‘t be who I am today. Freedom makes us all unique and exceptional. Without it, we would be only grey mass. So don‘t let yourself be stopped – be free!

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