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What is Freedom to me? By Klemensas

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To me freedom is that I can choose, how I want to live, where I want to study. Freedom lets you think freely and lets you say your opinion freely. People in free Lithuania can choose their government, vote for laws. When Lithuania was a part of Soviet Union, people couldn’t choose anything, all the things were how the government said. Life was really hard during the occupation. But clever and brave Lithuanian people won freedom for our country.

Nowadays people always talk that Lithuania is a bad country, the salaries are low and they are emigrating to other countries. But they need to reconsider and start creating business here, in Lithuania. If they started creating business here, economy would improve and life in Lithuania would be better. With freedom comes responsibility, and people need to think what they are voting for. If you make a bad decision, it can affect your life in the country. So you need to think what are you choosing, is it good for your country or is it bad ?

Freedom is a possibility to travel to any country in the world. However, I think that people should first get to know their own country. Knowing your history and your country is very important. People should start working together and make Lithuania a better country for all of us.

I think that freedom is very important to every country, because a free man is a happy man. So we have to defend, cherish our country and our freedom.

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