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What is freedom to me? By Neda Lasickaitė

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What is freedom to me?

Freedom to me is being myself, a chance to travel around the world and do what I want to do, not to be scared of saying my opinion. Unfortunately, our parents lived without such freedom. But now for us, the young generation, it’s hard to imagine how it could be. We are living as free people all the time of our life. Sometimes I think, maybe we’re not always so free? Why? Because we must wear uniforms at school. Our parents wore them too, and this continue from the old times till now. Uniforms make us all as one, similar, without personality. I think this is a problem. But does being without uniforms would give us “real” freedom? I think, that not. The freedom for me is the possibility to choose what I really want to do – my extra activities. That is what helps to find the real me, for example I revealed myself in athletics.

Freedom is the most important thing in the world. Without freedom it would be hard to live a valuable life, we would be discouraged and limited.

We have to be thankful for our freedom to brave Lithuanians, because they weren’t afraid of the Soviet Union army and signed an act of the Lithuanian independence.

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