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LEU students @ Germany: “A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”

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“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill

From March 13th to March 24thme and my course mates had the chance to travel to Heidelberg Germany. Due to our limited budget we brought plane tickets for the March 12th instead (the tickets for that day flights were much cheaper). The original plan was to spend 24 hours at the Frankfurt-Hann airport and then get on the bus which was leading to Heidelberg. We successfully

stayed at the airport for the first hour. After that we got a little bored and decided to go sightseeing. The only problem was that were was not much to see. Frankfurt-Hann was in the middle of nowhere and the closest city was about 100km away. Yet, we were not dishearten and still went out for a little adventure. Near the airport was a tiny town that was full of motels. We decided to walk around this tiny town and if we were lucky maybe even find an affordable motel to stay for the night. We were not lucky. We walked and walked, yet everywhere we went it was ridiculously expensive and neither one of us could afford it.

Soon after we found a “Burger King” where we ordered some coffee and spend 4 hours talking. Me and my peers originally were not that close, but after spending the entire day wandering around that small town, we became closer. Our airport adventures did not stop there. We still needed to sleep. But where? At the airport? There are no beds there! But there are chairs…

And this is how we slept. On the chairs. At the airport.

Next morning we got on the bus and went to Heidelberg. Heidelberg is one of few German cities that were not destroyed during WW2 and today is one among most popular tourist attractions. It has spectacular old town, castle and many more. Unfortunately the 2 weeks we had were not enough to see everything that the city had to offer. But together with secondary

school students from Heidelberg Theodor-HeussRealschule school we went to explore the old town and the castle that was nearby ( the students were giving us a tour around). It was a lot of fun and helped us to bond with those children.

In Heidelberg we spend two weeks attending classes as teachers-observers,

walked around the city and explored the unknown places. Yet, all of us agreed on the fact that most fun time we had was back at the airport. Because it was the place where we all become friends.

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