My trip to Belgium. By Giriotas

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During my Easter holidays my family and I were in Belgium. We spent there 4 days. On Tuesday evening we went to Belgium by plane. In Brussels we stayed with my Mum’s friend Audronė.

On our 1st day we walked around Brusseland visited a museum. I loved the museum. It was museum of European Parliament called “The European Parlamentarium”. That was awesome, because there were lots of virtual reality things and everything was in Lithuanian. We completed the game and won some prizes. After the museum we went to Brussels cathedral. And after that we went to find “MannekenPis” and ate traditional Belgiumwaffles.

Next day we went to Antwerpen with Audronė. In the city we visited some galleries and churches. After the city we went to Deurne castle, but we couldn’t get in, because it was closed. But that was OK. We walked in the park around the castle and saw lots of trees, flowers and fields.

The 3rd day was probably the most spectacular. In the beginning we went to “The Blue Forest” which is also called “The Forest Cathedral”, because the trees there are so tall like cathedral’s columns. Later we went to “Castle Of Beersel”. This was a great castle, because there everything is left like in the middle ages and you can go wherever you want. We saw even the room where people were tortured and executed. And the 3rd thing of this day was going to “The Battlefield of Waterloo”. Waterloo battle was the biggest battle in Europe in all the time. It was in 1815. 2 years ago there was a big celebration of 200 years from the battle. In the battle – Russia, England and Prussia ledby Duke of Wellington were fighting against France led by Napoleon. There participated 118 thousand soldiers in the battle and 41 thousand were killed. We visited a museum and watched a battle panorama, as well as climbed 226 steps up to the hill with a special monument on it. Sculpture of “Lion” . It means the bravery of soldiers who lost their lives in the battle.

I loved this trip. It was 2ndtime in Belgium for me and my Dad, but it was first time for my brother, so it was the most exciting visit for him. But I promise I’ll be back to Belgium for more adventures and experiences in the future.

1.Who won the “Battle of Waterloo”?

2.Why was “The Battle of Waterloo” so important for the history of the whole Europe?

3.What animal is standing on the top of the monument hill?

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