Reasons not to get married. By Rokas 5D

First of all, I want to introduce my self. I am 12 years old boy, which is spending quite a lot of time in front of the PC screen. Here are my 5 key points, why you shouldn‘t get married:

So, the first point of not getting married: Wedding costs a lot of money. If you love a girl, and she loves you, there‘s no reason to spend money on wedding ceremony. You can live and be together for free! Wedding dress, wedding cake, free food for guests, and even the suit costs a lot. So, why the hell, you should spend that money? :mrgreen:

Another point, why not to get married: When you are not married, women is trying harder to impress you. That contains romantic dinners with food, which you DO love, unlimited Xbox gaming and etc. After you say YES, this fun stuff magically disappears.

Here’s the third part of that: When you get married, your friends begin to disappear. Because family life, takes more time, and you can have less time for them. 😕

The fourth part: When you get married, you must have a place to live with your wife. So, the fun begins when you go to the bank, take a huge loan, by saying HUGE I mean HUGE loan. And that loan is for the rest of your pathetic life, as a result, you have two times more working hours. 😯

The Fifth and the worst part of marriage: When the deal comes to buying the car, your women is looking at the “economy” class, while you want, the sports car. And you start arguing about that.

These are the key points, why I don’t want to marry 😀

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