Golf on Ice. By Matas Tijūnonis and Justas Ringelevičius

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About „Golf on ice“

Golf on ice – a name tells you almost everything. It‘s a sport, where you need to play golf on ice. Nowadays it‘s called „Ice hockey“. We will talk about it later. Now, rules: every spring lots of people arrive to one place at the lake. People need to have golf sticks with them. Then, everyone starts by shooting down the ball. And that‘s it. Sounds pretty easy, but you can improve or change the rules yourself.

How it was created?

Someone called it like this, when one good golf player, accidentally threw a ball into a frozen lake. That ball was special to him, so he tried to catch it, but he slipped and slipped, and slipped. And then he thought to use his golf stick, because the ball was a little bit too far. He did manage to reach it and then he struck the ball. And he did it over and over, and it was fun for him. Some people saw everything, and wanted to join the game too. And they thought about the name „Golf on ice“.

End, but not really of „Golf on ice“

Well, about 150 years later, other people thought about „ice hockey“. It‘s seemed to be better than „golf on ice“. That‘s how it ended. But some people still play it, because they still like it. For some families it‘s an annual tradition. But maybe later it will be more popular once more. Would you like to try this sport out in winter? 😉 💡

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