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My creative milestones of 2017. By Martynas Jakucevičius

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Greetings. During this year I, Martynas Jakucevičius, have reached this sort of a milestone in different forms of creativity including music, poetry and fiction.

There are a few music genres that I work on. They are hip hop/rap and dark ambient. My ultimate goal is to achieve the complete synergy between these two genres and combine them into one so that the sounds of the genres would compliment but not hinder each other. Dark ambient (in the 1980s also referred to as ambient industrial or black ambient) is a genre of post-industrial music that features foreboding, ominous, or discordant overtones, some of which were heavily inspired by elements of ambient music. Often causing negative emotion in the listener. It is a genre that is usually misunderstood by people. A lot of people don`t even consider dark ambient as a music genre at all. Dark ambient is often used in horror movies to create that right atmosphere that makes horror movies scary.

I released a dark ambient mix this year

And with poetry it seems at least to me that I am improving which in itself is nice and a rewarding feeling. Here are my newest poems:

I remember
The black/white forests
I remember
The memories I hold dearest

And the time`s entropy
That sweeps them away
Such is all o`ours enemy
But none is immune
To sweet sweet decay

Decay of heart
Decay of spirit
Decay of body

Archway so dark
Betray the gimmick
Dismayed and bloody

Religious or cynic
Rich or poor
Healthy or in clinic
Guilty or pure

All face the same entropy
That sweet sweet decay
Oblivion enters me I await my doomsday

Universal being

I wander the decayed lands of yours
And so I wonder who am I
For I know who you are

For you are everything that is dear to me
Close to me, you are life, death
The sun, the moon and the stars
The mountains in the earth
The air in my chest

The endless waves of bottomless sea
The forests, the jungles, all beings
Including me, but what part of me
Only belongs to me
What is that part

Who am I, answer me
I question all of this
I witness the decay, the death and rebirth
Of life around, the land around

I place my feet in the sands
Stand still, I feel the wind
On my face as I grow old and decay


Forever blue
Forever young

Forever cruel
‘Again got stung!’

Oh the yonder
I still ponder

What lies under
The great beyond

Not behind it
Not above it

Nor the left
Nor right, in front it

But question is
A different one

Why don`t I go for the sun?
No, that would be mad

And truly sad
Remember Icarus?
That poor, poor lad

Sun is too far
For mighty legs of mine

And skinny hands
Don`t like to spar

I decline
I can`t go far

But still the wonder
As it is

For time is short
Remember this

And when your legs
Become so weak

Kick the bucket
And go to sleep

Explore the great beyond
And more

Forever young
Forever more

Forever calls

Forever`s lore


I am on the edge of dying
Drinking, thinking about my sins
I look up, Orion`s belt

Trapped in a cage of lions
People`s emperors are burning in kilns
I`ll hang on Orion`s belt

That’s not what I was told, the liars
Living in small tins
Orion opens his arms

In a welcoming embrace
Embraced by dark star gods
I figured, humans are pawns
But now, I am among the gods
Life shifts away when the belt is tightened…
Life shifts away while the belt is tightened…

Legacy of Naught

When my soul leaves my body
You will cry from time to time
When my heart stops beating
We will go back in time

Where my heart beats again
Until my final moment
Reliving every memory
Again and again
Until you`ll move on
And the memory disappears
In the wind like dust
In a gust of wind
Part after part is forgotten
Oblivion is calling
Chilling oblivion
Dominion of the lost
Hegemony of the forgotten

My soul leaves my body
Cry from time to time
My heart stopped beating
Go back in time

To be continued… 😉

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  1. Cheesy October 5, 2017

    ❤️. The poem Forever. The other ones arent bad too. Ty

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