Special Spring Festival. By Ugnė Tamulionytė 5A

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Mother’s day – is a festival which is celebrated all around the world. We celebrate it on the first Sunday of May together with such countries as Hungary, Spain, Portugal and Mozambique. On this special day all mothers around the world are honored by attention, kindness, and special presents of their children.

Generally in most countries Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.

According to historical documents we could say that the first country which began to celebrate Mother’s Day was England (around 17 century). In such old times children from poor families had to be sent to rich farmers in order to work hard and to earn money for their families. They could come back only once a year. Usually it was around the Easter. And then they could bring some flowers for their mothers from the fields on their way home.

Nowadays the situation has changed. Every country has its own different traditions. For example, it’s very popular to celebrate Mother’s Day in Australia, Canada and USA . Children make presents, flowers, cards on theirs own as an individual hand made gifts. And it’s as popular as Christmas or Valentines Day. In India it is a tradition to let the children make the best dishes for their mothers. In New Zealand families go to the restaurants and show their special attention to their mothers all day. In South Africa children give flowers not only for their mothers, but also for grandmothers.

I like May, because it is full of aromatic flowers such as hyacinths, daffodils, lilies of the valley, jasmines, tulips …

And I have a question for YOU: do you know what is your mother’s favorite flower??? :))

This is my mother’s best photo of spring blossom…

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