My practice week in Life Science Center by Gabrielė S.

I was always interested in science, various experiments, newest technology and what’s more important – how we can use it to benefit the human kind.

Therefore, I decided not only to watch different videos or to read about the intellectual and practical activity of humans based on natural world through observation but also to be a temporary worker in a lab.

Thanks to the company “Sėkmės mokykla“ , which gave me a chance to make this desire of mine come true.

So, talking about my days in the lab, I could say that we were doing some interesting work, i.e. animal cells thawing from liquid nitrogen, amplifying DNA using PCR (polymerase chain reaction) thermo cycler, making microfluidic chips, which are used for obtaining emulsion, using electronic pipette for making a component mix of PCR, preparing the agorose gel, which is used for electrophoresis (a technique used to separate the DNA molecules by amount of nucleotides), purifying the desirable fragment of DNA from the agorose gel, watching the results after PCR on computer using UV light and a little bit more. 😯

In the picture on the left (a hand with a glove 😉 ) you can see a component mix with 6x DNA loading dye (blue color), which contains glycerol and it becomes easier to release the solution from an el. pipette. In addition to this, the blue color shows approximately where the DNA in the agarose‘s gel is at the time of electrophoresis.

There are two electrophoresis chambers in the picture with red-purple containers. This machine creates an electric field and the DNA molecule can move through the agarose gel. DNA molecule with more nucleotides is bigger, therefore, it moves slower.

These are the results of electrophoresis. Into agorose gel we added ethidium bromide, which causes gel to glow in the UV light and we can see DNA fragments in the first, second and third column.

There is a microfluidic chip, which is supposed to be used for mixing very small amounts of liquids. Actually, it helps to form droplets, which contain hydrogel beads, cell. In this chip you can notice repetitive structure. In each structure there are two inlets (for oil and for reagents) and one collection outlet, which is used to collect emulsion.

It‘s a lab, in which I mostly spent my time during the practice week. The computer shows a lot of identical droplets received by using microfluidic chip. These droplets are zoomed in, using a microscope, which you can see in the photo as well.

I strongly recommend to all of you, who are interested in life science, not to stop achieving your goals but to be creative and always stay observing everything around you because there are always so many things to do, invent or develop in this area.

You know, probably, sometimes it isn‘t the easiest task to be a scientist, but, in my opinion, it really pays off. 😉

Writing an advertisement: “Plant Camp”. By Veronika Poškutė 6D

This camp is for flower lovers. It‘s in Africa, next to Victoria waterfall. It is safe don‘t worry. 😈

Here you are going to do sports. Every morning at 6 o‘clock you’ll need to run or walk around the plants. There is a swimming pool as well. It is open every day from 5 o‘clock to 11 pm.

On Mondays and Fridays there are lessons about African plants. You will find out new, interesting things about them. Natives from the continent people are going to come and they will tell you really interesting facts about their plants and perhaps even demonstrate some of them.

We have nice and comfortable beds. Rooms smell of flowers. You can choose your flower and the room is going to smell like you want.

On Wednesday nights there are parties. They are really cool. You meet new people, dance, the food and drinks are on the house. 💡

The food is very delicious. When you eat it you will be feeling full. You can eat three times a day. There is a bar as well. In a little super market you can buy your own food and drinks, you can buy souvenirs for your family here too.

There are 40 people in our team. We have chefs, swimming pool trainers, waiters, cleaners, helpers, receptionists and other hard-working, polite, patient staff members.

The most important thing is that you can grow your own African or other exotic flowers.

At the end of your camping you can take a flower you have grown… 😉

Reading 4 Summer. Book by George Orwell

One of the best books ever, read it yourselves and let us know what you think 😉

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A glimpse into everchanging music library by Andrius Židavonis LEU

I have always believed that music defines a personality and I constantly kept eye, or rather ear, to what people are listening. The style of music does tell a lot about a person – if someone is a melancholic, or a happy and an up-beat person, or party goer… you get the idea. And thus, I will invite you to a journey not to understand me more as a person, but rather to broaden your own musical library.

Gorillaz – drawn by animation, settled for music

Thus first in the line is actually a very well know band for its unique properties. It’s – Gorillaz. Gorillaz is the only ‘virtual band’ and it consists of 4 members – 2D, Murdoc, Russel and Noodle – and every single one of them have their own personalities. In reality, Gorillaz has been created by two artists and I won’t be the one to spoil who they are, you will have to do it on your own! Gorillaz just released a new album called ‘Humanz’ just a couple of weeks ago, which I really do recommend you to listen to it.

Personally, Gorillaz really introduced me to a concept of music and created the foundation of music. At first I was actually more interested in their animation than the music (I was around 8 when I first saw them), but in time I grew fond the music they were playing.

The reason why I enjoy them now, is because their style of music cannot be defined in a single word. Every single of their album feels like a different journey through different styles of music bringing new stories about the band and extraordinary experience to the listener.

My personal favorite songs: Feel good inc., On Melancholy hill, Fire coming out of the monkey’s head.

Post rock – the modern or rather ‘rockier’ take on classical music

Jumping onto a rather peculiar style of music called post-rock and for an introduction, I believe that this song is very suitable. Instantaneously, as the name suggest, I feel the warm rays of sun bathing me. Song’s up-beat attitude create this easinesswhich immerses on the sunny summer days.Post-rock usually has no lyrics in them and as Claude Debussy said: Music would take over at the point at which words become powerless, with the one and only object of expressing that which nothing but music could express.”This realization struck me while listening to this style of music. Post-rock forces the imagination do the work. Through the marvelous combinations of sound we are sent all around the world. The only grasping idea what the song is really about is provided in the tittles of the songs and usually they are extremely weird or even funny.

My personal favorite bands: Dorena, Explosions in the sky, EF, Mogwai

Electronic music – in search of unknown

I never had a knack for electronic music, mainly – I couldn’t find a piece which I could enjoy. It’s not that I prejudicially dismissed any electronic music, I just couldn’t find the right one! And suddenly, completely out of nowhere I found ‘Baths’ and the new horizon has opened upon my eyes. I finally realized what I was looking for, it was something that no other unsynthesised instrument could achieve. This song, or rather, Baths in general, bring a lot of usual instruments, but they put little something extra and that extra is where the synthetic sound do the work. Not so long after, I embarked upon the wonders of Daft Punk. Frankly, their music is just screaming to be played at a disco party!.. which we already past several decades ago… Frankly, this type of electronic music really speaks volumes to me. It makes me dance and feel like there is a disco ball hanging above my head. It really takes me back to the times when my grandparents were still young.

Actually, they released an album several years ago, which was entirely dedicated to the disco genre, called ‘Random Access Memories’ to which I have danced my feet off.

And I really do recommend to watch the movie: Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem’ in which there is no other sound than songs from Daft Punk’s album called ‘Discovery’.

My personal favorites: Flying Lotus, Thievery Corporation, Baths, Daft Punk.

The good old indie rock

Frankly, I could be rambling in this section for hours without end, but out of the all indie rock bands that I have ever listened to, Typhoon triumphs. The reason why do I consider them as the best is because they focus not just on the lyrics but on the music itself. I believe, that this band would be as good as it is even without the lyrics – they have two drummers on their band, that is something to take notice of! Not only that, but the lyrics of their songs are in such a harmony with the music and it creates such an outstanding result.

But the reason why I enjoy them so much, is the way the main singer and songwriter Kyle Morton, portray his stories and emotions. Almost every single one of the songs have this dark and quite deep connotation to it, but none of them actually feel to be that way. Rather, all of them have this certain grace and grandeur to it, which really tells a lot about their perception to life. Through life, no matter how hard it gets, always walk with a head held up high.

My personal favorites: Typhoon, The Killers, The xx, Alt – j, BRNS, Florence + the Machine and many many more…

This wraps up my review on at least a fraction of my music library. I hope that you find some of these songs/bands interesting, enjoyable and eye-opening as they were for me. With all honesty, all of the mentioned sub-sections were stages of my maturity. With age, my taste in music shifted and I searched for new kids on the block and I hope it will keep on evolving. As a side note, I do trace back to roots and listen to the old songs and take a ride the memory lane.

Unusual Jobs. By Martynas 8c

Wanna know something new about cool jobs? 🙄 e.g. Estimated pay: $15,000-$120,000 per year. Location: Some lonely island, far away from civilization. Difficulty: Private islands need lots of upkeep, but your downtime is on an island…

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My All Time 3 Favourite Film Directors by Stanislovas Riška

Behind every great movie, there’s a person who controls everything – the pacing, choice of actors, their actions and basically… the whole film. They are known as directors, and today I would like to talk about my 3 personal favourite directors of all time.

Master of visual storytelling, Wes Anderson is an American film director and screenwriter whose films are known for his unique artistic sensibilities. The geometric concept, meticulous color schemes, quirky characters and dialogue, dead-pan comedy and camera movements are basic elements to help the audience recognize any Anderson film.

In case of camera movements he is best known for his use of symmetry, which plays a big role in the most comic parts of his films. Film critic David Bordwell writes that symmetry can create a “static geometrical frame [that] can evoke a deadpan comic quality.” This is proven in Anderson’s work, where symmetrical goodness makes the film more interesting and, simultaneously, amusingly offbeat. When watching a Wes Anderson film, the viewer can clearly understand why this particular director serves as an inspiration to so many designers. Specifically, it’s most noticeable how much thought he puts into the color schemes, almost branding each film simply through the use of color, which also gives a feeling of a children’s story book. Most actors in Wes Anderson’s films are usually given lines that demand comedic dryness and emotional subtlety, which could very well go wrong if it wasn’t for the visual techniques that make the audience chuckle every time a character is at the center of the frame talking with no apparent sentiment at all.Anderson’s dialogue style varies from understated to matter-of-fact, delivering silly lines in an expressionless serious way and serious dialogue in an unsettling foolish way. Ridiculous situations are presented as normal occurrences, and at least one character in each film is completely obsessed with their current project, which is usually something creative.Anderson’s stylistic choices—being both loved and hated by many—have provoked much acclaim, discussions and even parodies, and he has become the recipient of in-depth scrutiny. But in my opinion he deserves none of that, for he is truly a master of his craft, for no director can make such aesthetically beautiful and quirky films as Wes Anderson. Some of the films that I recommend are: ‘’The Grand Budapest Hotel’’, ‘’Fantastic Mr Fox’’. You would also do yourself a service if you checked out his other films 😉

Would be an odd list of directors without mentioning ‘’the coolest director in the game’’ – Quentin Tarantino. When talking about directors like Scorsese, Stanley Kubrick, Hitchcock, Nolan etc. Everyones screenplay style will merge at some point. But Tarantinos screenplay is very distinctive from others screenplays.

Tarantino has a definite style, there can be no question. One could say that his style is predominantly referential, derivative, and securely rooted in films of the 70s. Tarantino is more straightforward in his film making, paying direct tribute to the 60s and 70s directors (and genres) that formed and shaped him as a young director. He liberally uses music, slow-motion, and stylized dramatic action and the kind of movie violence found in the Dirty Harry films to tell the sordid tales of grungy and morally questionable characters. His dialogue is highly stylized and quite clever. Tarantino has the power to wow you with much more style than substance. Youll have a good ride, but you might be left hungry afterwards. In the last decade, Tarantino has begun to direct revisionist revenge dramas, set in past historical periods, but featuring characters who are still unmistakably Tarantino creations. This postmodern displacement allows traditionally victimized and oppressed cultures to exact revenge on their oppressors. The two films are Inglorious Bastards, which tells the tale of an elite Jewish squad of commandos who attempt to assassinate Hitler during World War II. Django Unchained tells the story of a wrathful slave who teams up with a German mercenary to kill as many slaveholders and masters as they can. Both are ultraviolet and quite stylized and amazing. I recommend films such as the previously mentioned “Inglorious Bastards“, “Django Unchained”, but I would also add both volumes of “Kill Bill”, “Pulp Fiction ” and “The Hateful 8”.

Finally I left my favourites for last, Ethan and Joel Coen. The Coen brothers have an unrivaled and penetrating style, that has undoubtedly been influenced by film noir, 1930s screwball comedy, avant-garde theater, 1950s TV Comedyand many more.

Their movies are vast landscapes of peculiarity, filled with odd and eccentric characters who dont belong anywhere else but in their surreal landscape, which has a vague feeling of dread. Dialogue is sparse, but so incredibly effective. Characters speak with their own distinct voices, not sexy witticisms made up by the director and screenwriter, as is the case with Tarantino. In a Tarantino film, you get the vague sense that every character has the voice of Tarantino himself, and all speak using a sort of smart and sarcastic, referential dialogue. Conversely, the Coen brothers dialogue is unquestionably motivated by the character and his/her personality. Coen films often involve a crazy sequence of events, predicated upon mistaken identity, duplicity, deception, greed, revenge, or just plain, good natured agreeability, which are expertly spiced up with great pacing. They never hurry perfection, but know how to methodically unravel a riddle, and let the audience come along with them for the ride. The locations are evocative, the accents pitch perfect, the costumes indicative of time and character, the music so deliciously underscoring the film. And think of the acting. People have won a handful of Oscars for this work.

These characters are so fastidiously drawn, you cant even tell theyre acting. Their actions and words are completely and utterly motivated by character.Some of the films I recommend are: ‘’Fargo’’, ‘’Burn After Reading’’, ‘’The Big Lebowski’’ (I recommend this especially to students ;)) and my personal favourite – ‘’Inside Llewin Davis’’. But I do have to warn you, that their work is a bit harder to get into, their films do require the viewers to think throughout the film or at least give it a few re-watches.

I Hope you learned a lot about my personal favourite directors and will enjoy the recommended films 😉


What are some of your favourite film directors?

Do you think directors perform the most important work in film-making?

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