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A glimpse into everchanging music library by Andrius Židavonis LEU

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I have always believed that music defines a personality and I constantly kept eye, or rather ear, to what people are listening. The style of music does tell a lot about a person – if someone is a melancholic, or a happy and an up-beat person, or party goer… you get the idea. And thus, I will invite you to a journey not to understand me more as a person, but rather to broaden your own musical library.

Gorillaz – drawn by animation, settled for music

Thus first in the line is actually a very well know band for its unique properties. It’s – Gorillaz. Gorillaz is the only ‘virtual band’ and it consists of 4 members – 2D, Murdoc, Russel and Noodle – and every single one of them have their own personalities. In reality, Gorillaz has been created by two artists and I won’t be the one to spoil who they are, you will have to do it on your own! Gorillaz just released a new album called ‘Humanz’ just a couple of weeks ago, which I really do recommend you to listen to it.

Personally, Gorillaz really introduced me to a concept of music and created the foundation of music. At first I was actually more interested in their animation than the music (I was around 8 when I first saw them), but in time I grew fond the music they were playing.

The reason why I enjoy them now, is because their style of music cannot be defined in a single word. Every single of their album feels like a different journey through different styles of music bringing new stories about the band and extraordinary experience to the listener.

My personal favorite songs: Feel good inc., On Melancholy hill, Fire coming out of the monkey’s head.

Post rock – the modern or rather ‘rockier’ take on classical music

Jumping onto a rather peculiar style of music called post-rock and for an introduction, I believe that this song is very suitable. Instantaneously, as the name suggest, I feel the warm rays of sun bathing me. Song’s up-beat attitude create this easinesswhich immerses on the sunny summer days.Post-rock usually has no lyrics in them and as Claude Debussy said: Music would take over at the point at which words become powerless, with the one and only object of expressing that which nothing but music could express.”This realization struck me while listening to this style of music. Post-rock forces the imagination do the work. Through the marvelous combinations of sound we are sent all around the world. The only grasping idea what the song is really about is provided in the tittles of the songs and usually they are extremely weird or even funny.

My personal favorite bands: Dorena, Explosions in the sky, EF, Mogwai

Electronic music – in search of unknown

I never had a knack for electronic music, mainly – I couldn’t find a piece which I could enjoy. It’s not that I prejudicially dismissed any electronic music, I just couldn’t find the right one! And suddenly, completely out of nowhere I found ‘Baths’ and the new horizon has opened upon my eyes. I finally realized what I was looking for, it was something that no other unsynthesised instrument could achieve. This song, or rather, Baths in general, bring a lot of usual instruments, but they put little something extra and that extra is where the synthetic sound do the work. Not so long after, I embarked upon the wonders of Daft Punk. Frankly, their music is just screaming to be played at a disco party!.. which we already past several decades ago… Frankly, this type of electronic music really speaks volumes to me. It makes me dance and feel like there is a disco ball hanging above my head. It really takes me back to the times when my grandparents were still young.

Actually, they released an album several years ago, which was entirely dedicated to the disco genre, called ‘Random Access Memories’ to which I have danced my feet off.

And I really do recommend to watch the movie: Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem’ in which there is no other sound than songs from Daft Punk’s album called ‘Discovery’.

My personal favorites: Flying Lotus, Thievery Corporation, Baths, Daft Punk.

The good old indie rock

Frankly, I could be rambling in this section for hours without end, but out of the all indie rock bands that I have ever listened to, Typhoon triumphs. The reason why do I consider them as the best is because they focus not just on the lyrics but on the music itself. I believe, that this band would be as good as it is even without the lyrics – they have two drummers on their band, that is something to take notice of! Not only that, but the lyrics of their songs are in such a harmony with the music and it creates such an outstanding result.

But the reason why I enjoy them so much, is the way the main singer and songwriter Kyle Morton, portray his stories and emotions. Almost every single one of the songs have this dark and quite deep connotation to it, but none of them actually feel to be that way. Rather, all of them have this certain grace and grandeur to it, which really tells a lot about their perception to life. Through life, no matter how hard it gets, always walk with a head held up high.

My personal favorites: Typhoon, The Killers, The xx, Alt – j, BRNS, Florence + the Machine and many many more…

This wraps up my review on at least a fraction of my music library. I hope that you find some of these songs/bands interesting, enjoyable and eye-opening as they were for me. With all honesty, all of the mentioned sub-sections were stages of my maturity. With age, my taste in music shifted and I searched for new kids on the block and I hope it will keep on evolving. As a side note, I do trace back to roots and listen to the old songs and take a ride the memory lane.

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  1. Gabija 5a September 18, 2017

    I see that you worked on this really hard, this article looks as it was written by the classy student.👍

  2. Elena June 14, 2017

    I think it’s great that you mentioned several types of music, usually people like different kinds of songs and artists, so this post is not boring. Well written and insightful. I like indie rock, and noone beats Florence and the machine, they are amazing! 😉 The XX are alright too. Love the pics

  3. Fan June 14, 2017

    Cool article, man. I love Daft Punk, they are collaborating with The Weekend. Nice electro sound touch to the lyrics.


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