Capture the moment. Summer 2017 :)

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What’s up people? 😉 Summer this year was interesting, so let’s share the moments 😆

10 thoughts on “Capture the moment. Summer 2017 :)

  1. I liked this summer. My summer began from a journey to a really beautiful city Gardin in Belarus. In the middle of the summer I went to a camp, there I met friends from another countries 🙂

  2. I liked my summer really much , but i dont have any photos.Summer was pretty good so i spent a lot in outdoors with my familly and my friends.I spent time with my old and new friends♡♡I really loved my summer🐶

  3. My summer was boring. I was playing with my dog and sister. In the end of the summer arrived some people. We were playing with them volleyball.

  4. My summer was kinda boring and kinda fun sometimes. I was at my grandmothers house most of the time I had some friends there, we went on bycicle rides and played video games. Another cool thing was that I bought the PlayStation 4 a New generation console and bought some games for it so I rate my summer 6/10 it was boring sometimes and fun sometimes.

  5. My summer was really fun! Sad thing is that I have not seen the beauty of the other countries, but I still completed my summer tradition. I went to Nida with my family. The weather was good, but water was quite cold. I met a lot of people from my school. Food and drinks were something wonderful. I really enjoyed my time in Nida as well as adventures with my grandparents!

  6. My summer was interesting because i was in St.Petersburg. That is a big city in Russia it has a lot of museums, and beautiful places. Other part of my summer was spent in Lithuania so my summer was great and interesting! 🙂

  7. My summer was not so good because i didn’t do anything interesting. E.G.i was at home, i was outside with my friends and i was in Sventoji for 10 days. When i came back home i was outside with friends and that’s it. i think everyone’s summer was great and fun, interesting photos and trips 🙂

  8. My last summer was interesting but some times I was bored. I was in Utena at my grandmother’s. It was fun because I was with my cousins. Then I was in a football camp in Druskininkai. Then I came back home.The last days of summer I spent at home.😀😀

  9. I think, that every summer events is a miracle. And you have to enjoy them. I think in summer you have more and more interesting events. 🙂

  10. I think everyone’s summer was really good. If it was boring, I think they were happy only because of good wheather some days. 🙂


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