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Students answer the question: “What makes a good teacher?”

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Students describe what, according to them, a good teacher should be like. Here are some answers: 😀

“A good teacher is always happy. She lets us watch movies, gives us kebabs and never gives us tests”. Deividas

“A good teacher would always listen to the student if he/she wanted to say something. A good teacher would be nice, positive but not angry”. Evelina

“The teacher has to give a part of herself.. The teacher has to be polite and understanding. The teacher has to teach so hard that pupils would understand it very well”. Meda

“A good teacher is the one who makes lessons interesting, always smiles and never shouts. A good teacher lets us watch movies sometimes and doesn’t give us homework. A good teacher cares about our grades”. Aurėja

“A good teacher has to be funny and intelligent. His lessons have to be interesting, it’s the most important thing. When lessons are interesting, children listen”. Ugne

“A good teacher is the one who’s not strict and sometimes says a joke”. Katrina

“A good teacher is the one who makes lessons practical, not theoretical. He always helps the students with their problems. I think a teacher should speak with his students like a psychologist, so he knows what kind of problems they have and how do they live, etc.” Julija

“In my opinion, a good teacher is when he gives a second chance if you fail at exams or he’s just fun to be taught by”. Jore

“A good teacher should always keep the work interesting and fun. A good teacher has to be strict and open-minded”. Alex

“A good teacher has to smile a lot, be smart, sometimes strict but funny”. Ula

“A good teacher should be strict, understanding and welcoming. Also, a good teacher needs to be a good basketball player”. Lukas

“A good teacher should smile a lot because it makes me smile”. Vilte

“Perfect teacher should be kind and caring. The teacher should be strict and do not rage”. Tautvydas

“A good teacher should be helpful, kind, happy and strict, but importantly not too much. Also, he/she should work more with individual students and sometimes make unusual lessons”. Adomas

“A good teacher is the one who teaches us very well, never forgets to write homework in Tamo and always gives us motivation”. Aurimas

“I think a perfect teacher should be understanding. A perfect teacher should discuss important matters with the students to help them form their own opinions”. Giedra

“A good teacher always explains the rules if somebody can’t understand them. A good teacher gives interesting exercises”. Dainius

“A good teacher is the one who can understand our jokes, who makes our lessons interesting. Like that kind of teacher who could make our thoughts about school positive”. Eigirdas

“The teacher should be funny, strict but loving, love her job and the job will love her. Also very caring”. Tomas

“Perfect teacher is who makes lessons original, gives less homework, shows movies more often”. Vesta

“A good teacher doesn’t give homework, is friendly and funny. Good teachers also understand kids. They know that every kid is different”. Jonas

“A good teacher can keep the class quiet while still being funny, nice and active”. Lukas

“A good teacher is the one who helps the students and always respects them”. Augustas

“A good teacher is the one who explains the current subject very well. A good teacher makes the class interesting”. Ignas

“A good teacher always has to be generous, hardworking and funny. A good teacher also has to understand all students because then they can be nice”. Vaiva

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