Our School. Short History. Facts

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A Short History of “Vilniaus Jono Basanavičiaus progimnazija” By Dominykas Dautoras

Our lovely school

Author of the photo – Simona Stankutė

Vilnius Jonas Basanavičius pre – gymnasium is a school in Vilnius.

It was founded in 1951 and 17 years later it got reorganized and was called the 53rd elementary school. The subjects were taught in Lithuanian and Russian. The name of the school was changed a few times throughout the years, but a significant change was implemented in 1975, it was moved into a new building in Konarskio street.

In 1997 the school was renamed to Vilniaus Jono Basanavičiaus vidurinė mokykla and in 2010 it was split into the gymnasium and the pre – gymnasium. Currently there are about 1000 students, who are divided into 36 classes. The school also has about 80 teachers of whom a third are primary school teachers. The current principle of the school is Jurgita Nemanienė. We love our school and like learning here a lot:)

14 thoughts on “Our School. Short History. Facts

  1. Vilniaus Jono Basanaviciaus school is the best in the world our teachers are very funny and are not angry, we have many lessons and nice classrooms. I love my school

  2. I like our school! I am new in this school, but I think it’s great! My favorite lessons are English and Art! But I like Lithuanian too. We have a lot of classrooms in this school! We have a kitchen room too! Come study and visit our school!

  3. It is a great school. I like Math and English lessons. Also in our school there is a kitchen class. Now the principle of the school is Jurgita Nemanienė.

  4. I love studying here. Nice atmosphere, cool teachers, we even have music breaks :)) sometimes the lessons are shorter and the festivities are fun!

  5. Dominykas, nice work. I’m so happy I’m in this school, the teachers are so fun and that’s what makes the lessons worth to be waiting for. Jono Basanavicius pre-gymnasium is the best school ever!


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