My Cute and Awesome Pet. Photo Contest.

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Congratulations, dear pet owners 😉

The winners of the Cute and the Awesome Pet Contest were chosen:

Elzė and her doggy

Glorija and her chinchilla

Roberta and her kitty

The contest of the cutest and the most lovely pet is here! Send us photos and a short description of your pets. Let’s share our love for animals and let the emotions flow freely in the comment section 😉

“Most people have pets. Some have dogs, cats, birds or maybe rodents. All of them are cute and lovable, bring us joy and laughter. So why don’t you send us your pets photo with a short description about it? We will nominate three most amazing pets in cat, dog and rodent category! Enjoy!

Emilija Virbickaitė


I have a pet guinea pig. Her name is Čipa and she is super adorable.🙂 Her fur is white, brown and black. One of her paw is black too. Čipa loves lettuce and doesn’t eat anything sweet like fruit! My guinea pig is three years old and i hope she will live a long and tasty life.😏 I love Čipa very very very much.❤ I hope you like her too!☺

Owner: Woolfgirl

Everyone likes animals, they like dogs, cats, parrots, hamsters, guinea pigs and other animals. Maybe you have a pet? I have two hamsters, their names are Sprite and Beeps. Sprite is the lighter one and Beeps is the darker one. Here are some pictures of my cute little hamsters ( • ω • ) I tried my best to make the BEST quality pictures ( ఠ ͟ʖ ఠ).

Owner: Augustė Pavilonytė 5B

Since two years I have a cat .We decided to give him the name of Egyptian sun god Ra. He’s nine year old. He always sleeps at this summer our cat Ra disappeared for one month. We had a lot of trouble finding him. Then our neighbors find him and kept him for few days until we come back from summer vocations he was a half of his weight and very week. I’m very happy he looks like normal cat.

Owner: Juras

My little 5 months dog JUTA. I really like dogs and we have one I love my dog she’s very sweet, my dog loves bees she is playing with them, it’s very funny.

Owner: Adomas

Hello it is my cat Vincas. He is nine years old.He is always waiting for me after school. I love him very much.
Owner: Rasa
Hi this is my cat Mika she is very fluffy cute friendly and lovely she really likes to play with her ball toy she sleeps with me in my bed I got her when I was 5 years old now shes 6 years old her birthday is at July 7 I really love my cat and I hope that you like her to 😉 BYE.😍😀😄😽😺😸😻
She is the best cat in the world.

This is my turtle Dile. She likes to eat meat and turtle food: she can only eat bird meat. Dile lives in our house in her own aquarium. She lives in an aquarium because she is a water turtle. She doesn’t do that much she just wanders from rock to rock. She’s around 20 years old. Before I was born my sister took care of this turtle.

Owner: Simonas

This is my cats. They’re so adorable and cute they funny too and always happy. I have deers too, And a lama, they’re nice too and always happy. I hope you enjoy these photos.

Owner: Viktorija B. 5a

Hello. My family has got a pet at home. It is a cat and its name is Seva. It is twelve years old. It is very friendly and nice. Seva is the ours best family friend. We play a lot with Seva. The cat likes to sleep and to eat. Seva always sleeps with my sister Miglė. Seva also likes to play with balls and limpakojai. He is a member of our family.

Owner: Marius Kraujalis

This is my degu. Her name is Siuzė, she is 6 years old. Usually degu lives about 8 years, so she is old. Siuzė’s favorite food is boiled vegetables, she just love them! In free time she sleep, eat and looks what I do!

Owner: Saulė Šaduikytė

They are baby squirrels. They are 8 months old, and we have them since March. They like eating cabbage, grass, sunflower seeds and nuts. Their names are Emas and Bob. They really like to grind everything (including their cage). Sometimes they bite and it’s really hurts.

Owner: Rokas

This is my chinchilla.She is very beautiful .Her name is Čilė. She has a grey colored body. She eats apples and lots devilish fruits. She has big eyes an long tail . I love her because she is very cute and because she is my parents birthday present.

Owner: Glorija 5a

I have an awesome Abyssinian cat! It’s a boy, he’s super cute and his name is Hobby. Hobby is the most beautiful cat I’ve ever seen. He has an orange body, but his head and his back have black ticking. And Hobby’s tail is black. Here are some cute photos of him! Enjoy!

Owner: Gabija 5a

I have a cat, her name is Kroshka and she is 5 years old. My cat’s fur is brown, black and her tummy is white and yellow. Her tail is very short, similar to rabbit’s and Kroshka often plays with it. Kitty’s whiskers are long, eyes are green and very big. My cat likes playing with ball of yarn. She doesn’t like to walk with leash. My kitty is very shy and lazy. When I come back from school, Kroshka always meets me and when I finish homework, we play. I love Kroshka very much, and I can’t imagine my life without her.

Owner: Kotryna 6p

I have a fish tank. Colors of my fish are yellow and black stripes, brown, blue, skin color and more. Fish are from Cichlids’ family. Many fish are smart. They play together. I love fish!

Owner: Rusnė Bielinskaitė 5b

I have a great animal, a puppy and his name is Hitas. His fur is black and white. And his fur is so soft and he is a great friend! He is three years old. His paws are black. And his eyes are also black. He really really likes to sleep. He doesn’t like to play with my family but I still love him.

Owner: Rūta Karilė Šapranauskaitė

This is my cat . His name is Tabis. He is 2 years old. He likes to eat, sleep and play.

Owner: Rusnė Nagielaitė

I love animals very much, but I do not have a pet in my house. But my grandmother has a dog. His name is Meškis. He is very very cute, I really like playing with him. He is able to perform various commands. He is a very beautiful and very cute puppy. Here is his picture.I hope you like his too!!!

Owner: Dovydas Šamatovič 5b

I have a pet cat🐈. His name is Mikis. His eyes are orange and his body is all grey. He likes to sleep and be playful at night🌛. He sleeps all day probably, sometimes he hides and then jumps on your feet😀. When we go to our village he goes to the forest🌲. His favorite toy is a ball shaped like a fish🐟. I love him very very much💝. I hope he will never run away from us🐱.
Owner: Viltautė 6p

My dogs name is Brukne. We took this pupy from Kaunas. She is bitch. Brukne is two years and half old now. Her breed – Short coated Hungarian Vizsla. This bitch is friendly, cute and not angry. She eats special dogs food, drink water. Brukne run very fast, how and everyone Vizsla does. By the way she run 5 km. distance a day. Brukne likes play in water, and especially with ball. She easy give up training, because of this she got first place in puppy competition. Brukne bites only playfully. She affiliate to my mother and her husband most of all. Brukne‘s barking scare off robbers, though she is not watch dog.

Owner: Adelė Kavoliūnaitė 6p

My cute , awesome , nice, lovely and best pet. Her name is Muna it means moon. Her fur is white, black and a little light grey. She is the best kitty.

Owner: Nojus Sakalauskas 5a

I have a dog, her name is Perla. She is one year old S he is my best friend. She’s very cute and funny. She really likes to play with other dogs and people.

Owner: Gotautė

Since two years I have a cat .We decided to give him the name of Egyptian sun god Ra. He’s nine year old. He always sleeps at this summer our cat Ra disappeared for one month. We had a lot of trouble finding him. Then our neighbors find him and kept him for few days until we come back from summer vocations he was a half of his weight and very week. I’m very happy he looks like normal cat.

Owner: Rasa 5b

There she is! My cutest, bellowed puppy Ruby! Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 😍😍. She is awesome! Her most lovable toy is rubber donuts 🍩🍩 She is 3 years old. We spent a lot of time together. On our first Christmas she barked on the Christmas tree 😂🎄She likes swimming, running in the yard and catching butterflies and birds (she never catches none of them😃).

Owner: Elze Kazlauskaite

This is my pet.😺 Her name is Bella. She likes to play with her toys. Bella is very friendly. She likes to be brushed😸. I always say to her that she is my best friend. When im sad she always whats to cheer me.👧 Shes my warm, cute, beautiful, young, friendly kitty that I love💖

Owner: Gabrielė

Hi! This is my dog Hugh. He is 2 and a half years old. He has a lot of nick names. They are all hilarious! He’s champagne color and has big, brown and emotional eyes. He has got very cute spiral tale. He has got a flat nose and wrinkles above it. He has got small, black ears. Hugo is very funny, friendly and active dog. He is always by my side and follows me everywhere I go. My pug is the best and I cannot imagine my life without him! 🙂

Owner: Karolina Vitkutė 6d

This is my pet Brukne. Shes my big black dog. She’s really cute and its really much fun with her.

Owner: Domantas

This is my best friend! His name is BOSAS . He is 6 years old. He is very big and fat and he weighs about 9 kilograms! His hobby is sleeping all day!😴But he is waiting for me every evening.🤑😇😸
Owner: Simas Sakalauskas 6d

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