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An Alternative View on Consumerism By Lukas Liutkevičius / J.Basanavičius gymnasium

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Consumerism has a vital role in improving people‘s lives

Consumerism is really visible in our current lives, it is when products are being manufactured very fast, that way consumers buy in bigger quantities. The reason for that is that the products are much cheaper than the usual price. That being said, it is believed that consumerism has a big role in making people‘s lives much simpler and easier too.

First of all, because of consumerism, people are more free to choose. Consumers can choose their lifestyle and decide what luxuries can be afford. Since products are being manufactured fast, there are a lot of different variations of them. As a consequence, everyone has the will to choose and not strictly stick to one product. If we did not have consumerism, there would not be a lot of variation. This is because manufacturers would have to spend more time and resources so that they could release a product to the public.

As a result of manufacturing products fast and in big quantities, a lot of them are cheaper than usual. The main reason for that is that manufacturers use cheaper materials and can produce a lot more much faster than normally. Even though the final product might not be very high quality, the consumers can save a lot of money by buying cheaper products. Even when a product is cheap, it could still help people in their usual lives with a lot of different tasks. It is often believed that, the better the price, the better the quality of the product. While that may be true, sometimes it is not worth it to buy something that you do not use very frequently. With consumerism, people can save some money when buying different items.

To conclude, it is often thought that consumerism has a bad impact on people’s lives since they buy more items, but there are some good things as well. Because of consumerism, people are much more free to decide what they can buy and even save some money if their decisions are smart.

Teacher: Akvilė Katauskytė – Burokienė

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  1. deimantas 7b March 17, 2018

    i think consumerism is a good thing.

  2. Gabrielė March 15, 2018

    I think consumerism is a good thing, because the mass produce goods are cheaper and many people can afford buying them, on the other hand, these kind of products are usually of low quality, so that’s a huge minus as you are required to buy more often…


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