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Modal Phrases for Speculating about Events

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Our Students Speculating about events (Aistė and Karolina 8c)


A famous You Tuber named Jake Paul disappeared from Los Angeles in the beginning of this month. A week later, he was found by the local authorities in the infamous Japanese suicide forest, wearing a luxury suit and expensive accessories. The police found some drugs in his pockets as well as a letter, written in some gibberish.

Dialogue 1

  • Have you heard the story about Jake Paul?
  • No! What is it about?
  • Well, I heard that he committed suicide in Japanese suicide forest after he was reported as missing.
  • No way, he was my favorite you tuber! Why would he do that?
  • Perhaps, he could have some problems with drug dealers and they might have been exposed him.
  • No, that’s unlikely.
  • I think he might have been tired of the fame he had.
  • Yes, that’s possible!
  • What do you think about this case?
  • It’s weird because he probably had some health issues and didn’t want everybody to know, so he decided to commit suicide.
  • Yes! You’re probably right.

Dialogue 2

  • Have you seen this story about the influencer Jake Paul committing suicide?
  • Oh yeah, it’s really creepy! What do you think happened?
  • In my opinion, he just used too much drugs.
  • No, that’s unlikely…
  • He was getting a lot of hate comments on his YouTube videos, so he couldn’t stand it anymore.
  • Yes, that’s quite likely, but I think he could have been heartbroken after the break up with another You Tuber Alissa Violet.
  • Yes, you’re probably right.


Last week a school shooting took place in California, USA. Ten students were killed and twenty heavily injured.

Dialogue 1

– Have you heard the story about the school shooting in California?

– Yes, that’s so terrible! What are your thoughts about that?

– Maybe he had some mental health issues?

– No, that’s unlikely! I think he might have been bullied at school and wanted to revenge his bullies.

– Yes, that’s possible, but still not very likely.

– Maybe he had problems with his family?

– Yes, I suppose so!

Dialogue 2

  • Have you heard this story about the school shooting in California?
  • No, that sounds horrible! Can you tell me more about it?
  • Well, a teenage boy shot a few students in his school.
  • Oh, that is even worse that I thought! Why do you think he did it?
  • I think he had a huge lack of attention or just wanted to get popular.
  • No, that’s crazy! I think he wanted to take revenge on a person who refused him.
  • Yeah, that’s quite likely or maybe he might had been triggered by a loss of his close friend or a family member.
  • Definitely! That’s most likely why this happened, in my opinion.

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