My Beloved Pet 2018

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This year, traditionally, we are going to choose the prettiest, cutest and the funniest animals 😉

Special thanks to our friends from VGTI licėjus and their English teacher Sandra Jasionavičienė for a wonderful friendship and collaboration.

Check out our pets – contestants below 💡

5 thoughts on “My Beloved Pet 2018

  1. I like these pets. They are so happy and funny. I think this project looks awesome and great. Aistis and Pijus cats are cute. They are best of the best! Please vote for them!!! 

  2. Very beautiful pets. All of them seem energetic and with a unique character I believe domestic animal brighten our day with their love! <3 :)))

  3. OMG😍 Such cuteness love all these beautiful creatures💕 I own a ball of fur called a cat and a ball of happiness which is a 🐶. Pets make our lives more exciting, they live us and bring joy. Looking forward to voting for the cutest of pets! 😎👀

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