Picture Description: Examples. Grade 6. Level B1

This photo shows a short brick wall, the bricks looks new because they’re clean but they’re scratched. The bricks are red with white colors. Next to the wall on the left there is a fence , same on the right side. The fence is made of wire and wood.
And There are goats that are running and jumping over the wall. The first one to finish goat has some kind of toy attached to him. I imagine it’s a giraffe. The giraffe has a hat on her head. Other goats behind the first goat has some kind of toys attached to them too. Judging by the situation I think it’s a goat race. I imagine it’s really fun. On the ground we can see green grass. In the background there’s green trees or bushes. Judging by the trees it’s summer or early autumn. It looks like it’s sunny.

Viktorija Bareikaitė 6a

This is a photo of 4 teenagers watching a film. All of them are smiling. I imagine they‘re watching a comedy. Judging by their emotions the photo was made at funny part of the film. It looks like they‘re enjoying the movie. Judging by their clothes, it‘s warm inside or outside. A guy is wearing jeans and light blue t-shirt. A girl next to the guy, is wearing jeans and a purple top. The girl in the middle is wearing a purple top too, but a pink t-shirt. The girl in the right side is wearing light blue jeans and light red top. I guess they are wearing shoes for specific reason.

Rokas Bronikovas 6a

This photo shows two men fighting for a ball in a football match in the foreground. In the background, I imagine, are another two footballers running for the ball too. I can see lights in the back all around the area, and because of that, the shadows of them are very long.

The fans in the stadium are shouting for a goal. From the face mimic, I can guess that these footballers are really angry and are trying to get the ball really hard. I can understand that they are going for a goal.

Guessing by the clothes, this is “Liverpool” playing versus “Chelsea”.

Redas Cibas 6d

This photo shows a monkey on the rope, in the jungle. In the foreground we can see a black, orange and brown monkey. I imagine that she is going to the tree house, because monkey is walking on the rope. This monkey is so cute, maybe because monkeys are one of my favourite animals! In the background we can see a lot of leaves. Judging by the trees, it`s summer or spring. I think behind the monkey there are more of them, because it`s jungle. I would call this monkey Trevor, because I think this name is best for this monkey. If you get a closer look, you can see that there are lots of ropes, so maybe it`s like a maze. I don`t think it is height, cause I can see a tree, witch is falling down, and also I can see a ground.

Simona Genytė 6a

In this photo I see many people . Judging by there smiles I guess they are happy and having fun. They are playing beach volleyball, perhaps, they are on vacation. In the horizon I see light blue sea or maybe an ocean. Judging by the sunglasses and bikinis the day is very sunny and hot. On the left of this photo I see a ship or a fishing platform. People are playing on the beach and the sand looks so warm and beautiful like in San Francisco.

Adomas Klinga 6a

Fashion Infection: The Real Deal with Ema Gecevičiūtė

Hello, dear reader. This year our student Ema G. from 7C had an amazing opportunity to participate in the fabulous Fashion Infection, which takes place in Vilnius every year. Ema shared the coolest photos from backstage, interviewed famous artists. We are happy to share the whole thing with you, guys! Enjoy the interview and the pics:))


Fashion infection

“Fashion infection” is a major fashion festival in Baltic countries. Every spring hundreds of fashion lovers come to see beautiful and breathtaking collections of designers’ from different parts of the world. Each year the festival takes place in the “CAM” (Contemporary art museum) for 2-3 days and each day there are 8-10 collections. Sounds tiring, right? But it’s quite easy to see the fashion show by yourself, but imagine – how does it feel to be a staff member, makeup or hair artist, or even a designer? To help you imagine things easier, I interviewed a makeup artist Daiva Gecevičiūtė, who works for the “fashion infection” for more than five years and works in the fashion and art industry for more than 25 years.

Q – “what inspired you to become a makeup artist?

A – “Ever since I was a child, I loved painting and one of the things that I loved painting were dolls. They had beautiful big eyes and I loved coloring their eyes, lips and I never forgot to draw a mole on their faces. I really liked how I made them look, because at that time stores and companies didn’t make dolls like that. Then I thought that I could do such things on peoples faces too, like turning a girl into a princess. I tried doing it with watercolor paint, because at that time i didn’t have things like makeup. And that’s when I understood that I want it to become my career. after I saw those sad, tired looking eyes, those dark bags under women’s eyes, dry, discolored hair, I’ve wanted to make women pretty again.”

Q – “is it hard to survive in the industry?”

A – “yes, of course. Our country is too small, the competition is really big, there are also modern technologies, new opportunities to learn and improve. Also people have the access to new information, “free lessons” (YouTube, social media, etc).”

Q – “how did you get to work in this show?”

A – “earlier I got to work in different fashion shows and because I really loved my job I started going there as a guest to see the show. one time, my friend, a well known model and one of the “fashion infection” organizers called me and asked if I’d like to work with them at the fashion infection in the makeup artists’ team. I remember thinking ‘am I not too old for this?’ But still – came and here I am, working in this show for the past few years.”

Q – “what role do you play in F.I?”

A – “my job is to fulfill the designer’s vision. I do things that have to do with painting on skin, body-face makeup – the visuals that have something to do with skin and body. So as I was saying earlier, my job is to fulfill the designer’s vision, maybe recommend some new and different things, make compromises, because it’s not always possible to do everything as the designer says. So we usually have a reference photo, a sketch that the designer provides to us. Then we do tests on the models and if the creator say that they like it we do a whole collection with it.”

Q – “what is the craziest collection you’ve done?”

A – “oh Lord, there were so many crazy collections each year, so I can’t really remember all of them. For sure Sandra Straukaitė’s collections are always a shocker, but this year i also really liked one Latvian designer’s collection. It had a lot of colors and patterns, so I thought that it was really nice how she balanced them out. In the earlier years of the show, there were some french designers, whose work was amazing. One time designer’s vision was to add glitter to all of the models faces and body. Of course we makeup artists said no, because it’s not only his show and the models have to walk for other collections too and it’s really hard to get the glitter completely off, especially because there were no showers or anything. After lot of talking the designer finally gave in, so that was really good. Oh and also, one year all of us had to glue little fluffy pompoms to models faces. It was pretty interesting.”

Q – “do you recommend someone to become a makeup artist?”

A – “yes, of course. It gives you happiness, it gives other’s happiness and it’s not only the finished result, the process is also a really fun part. I think that no matter what work you do, if you’re happy doing it, then it’s worth it. It’s really amazing that you can become a part someone’s celebration, runaway collection, show, etc. so yes, I definitely recommend it, if it will give you happiness.”

This year, one of my favorite designers was Sandra Straukaitė and her collection “Lobotomy”. It had a really nice psychedelic music and the outfits were really eye-catching. the philosophy is simple – experiments with body and mind always have a side effects. Clothes don’t mask everything. shaved sides of the head and combat boots, glitter and checkered combinations don’t have a gender.


Fab Lab in Vilnius Jonas Basanavičius pre-gymnasium by Kristupas Stasiūlaitis 5D


About two weeks ago we went to our schools Fabrication Laboratory. There we had a lot of fun, saw how three out of four of Fab Labs devices work and much more.

I think the only minus to Fab Lab is that its only from the sixth grade. In my opinion Fab Lab is a great thing for students.


Fab Lab is a project for kids that like informatics, technologies and to make things with computers and have them in real life.


  • Fab Lab has 3 different devices.

  • The one that I’m going to talk about is the laser.

  • The laser is made out of four different parts

  • The computer, the laser, the ventilation and the water pump

1. How many devices does Fab Lab have?

2.How many devices does the laser need to operate?

3.Did you like the presentation and would you like to join Fab Lab?


Imaginary situations: “If I were….I would”. Second Conditional: “Problem – Solution” Essay Examples

I am a Lithuanian citizen and live in Vilnius. I would like to discuss some problems such as pollution, recycling and construction of football stadium in Vilnius.

Let me start about pollution. People use too much private cars to go to work or shopping or drive short distances. Many experts have highlighted that Vilnius’ inhabitants prefer cars rather than public transport. On the one hand, there is a problem of connection between suburbs and the centre. On the other, people have developed habits which they do not want to change. I think that there is a significant potential to build up new habits. Recently new busses and trolleybuses drive in the streets. They are equipped with air conditioners, have more space, provide information on destination etc. I would suggest making better advertisements and messages about the benefits of public transport for Vilnius inhabitants, promote going by scooters or bikes and motivate walking.

We all face the problem of climate change and unfortunately contribute to it by our deliberate act not to recycle. Though the city authorities build more and more recycle bins around living premises, people lack consciousness to recycle. Additionally, there are no any such bins in the city centre. I would strongly recommend to put them on the streets and squares and regularly clean them. It would be great to raise awareness about less use of plastic and encourage businesses to use environment-friendly sale-materials. I believe this would help to reduce trash that pollutes our planet.

And last but not least – I have a feeling that the construction of football stadium by using public money does not match the interest of all population. I think it is not fair to invest people’s money to football stadium when there is lack of investment to other sport activities for all inhabitants and make them equally accessible and useful. I support the necessity to promote healthy life and think that more programs and sport activities could be developed at schools.

Sincerely Yours,


On the one hand considering the number of people disliking this town it gets scary, but on the other hand, I don`t think it`s too bad. Of course there are some problems. And these are a few things that I would change. Firstly, I would build some bicycle tracks. Secondly, people should start recycling more. And thirdly, I would take into account what people are suggesting, because they matter.

If I were the mayor I would build some bicycle tracks so people could go to work, school or any other place of their choice by bicycle, that way we could be reducing the amount of cars and pollution at the same time. Secondly, I would provide people with four different rubbish bins so everyone could recycle their stuff easier. Thirdly, I would encourage citizens to say what they think is best for our town and its surroundings.

I think all of these things would make a big, positive impact on my town. In my opinion, the most important thing to do is to force people to recycle, because it`s not only good for us, but it also benefits the environment a lot.

Kristupas Čeika

My town is a great place to live, but there are a few problems here too. Firstly, there is too much noise in the town center. Secondly, some of the shops don’t have enough cheap products for people. And thirdly, there are a lot of violent crimes here.

If we could make a difference, we would ban cars from the town center, and force people to cycle more.

Secondly, We would create an event to collect money. In this event people should dress up in dog costumes and share chocolate with others. The money from this event would sponsor shops, so they could buy more products in bulk and sell them cheaper so people would be happier and also shops would make more profit.

Thirdly, to make the streets safer, we would encourage people to report about the crimes they saw.

We think, if we changed these things people would lead safer and happier lives.

Kotryna Kutkauskaitė and Deimantė Mačiulytė

My town is a great place to live, but there are a few problems too. So firstly, the air quality in here isn‘t good enough. Secondly, there is a lot of litter in woods, parks, town streets even in the town center. And thirdly, there are a lot of unemployed people.

If I were a mayor, to reduce air pollution, I would encourage people to cycle or walk more, it would be better for the town and for the people‘s health. To make the town cleaner, I would encourage people to sort their trash, also I would make it illegal to drop litter in the streets, parks or somewhere else, and I would provide more rubbish bins. To reduce the number of people with unemployment, I think, I would pass a law to provide everyone with a job or some kind of occupation, where they’d get a place to live in. I believe that it would reduce homelessness.

In my opinion, these actions would improve life in my town. But if I could only do one thing, I would reduce air pollution. Fresh air improves everybody‘s health and it benefits nature too. LET’S TAKE CARE OF OUR PLANET 😉

Livija Pilipauskaitė

Recipe for a Loving Mother 2019

Every year the world celebrates a very special occasion – Mother’s Day – it takes place on the first Sunday in May. Every child, no matter the age or gender, has a chance to express love and gratitude for his/her mother. Our students had a lot of ideas and were very creative this year. Here are some of the ideas for gifts to your Mom 🙂


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