Fab Lab in Vilnius Jonas Basanavičius pre-gymnasium by Kristupas Stasiūlaitis 5D

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About two weeks ago we went to our schools Fabrication Laboratory. There we had a lot of fun, saw how three out of four of Fab Labs devices work and much more.

I think the only minus to Fab Lab is that its only from the sixth grade. In my opinion Fab Lab is a great thing for students.


Fab Lab is a project for kids that like informatics, technologies and to make things with computers and have them in real life.


  • Fab Lab has 3 different devices.

  • The one that I’m going to talk about is the laser.

  • The laser is made out of four different parts

  • The computer, the laser, the ventilation and the water pump

1. How many devices does Fab Lab have?

2.How many devices does the laser need to operate?

3.Did you like the presentation and would you like to join Fab Lab?

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