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Picture Description: Examples. Grade 6. Level A2

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This photo shows a short brick wall, the bricks looks new because they’re clean but they’re scratched. The bricks are red with white colors. Next to the wall on the left there is a fence , same on the right side. The fence is made of wire and wood.
And There are goats that are running and jumping over the wall. The first one to finish goat has some kind of toy attached to him. I imagine it’s a giraffe. The giraffe has a hat on her head. Other goats behind the first goat has some kind of toys attached to them too. Judging by the situation I think it’s a goat race. I imagine it’s really fun. On the ground we can see green grass. In the background there’s green trees or bushes. Judging by the trees it’s summer or early autumn. It looks like it’s sunny.

Viktorija 6a

This is a photo of 4 teenagers watching a film. All of them are smiling. I imagine they‘re watching a comedy. Judging by their emotions the photo was made at funny part of the film. It looks like they‘re enjoying the movie. Judging by their clothes, it‘s warm inside or outside. A guy is wearing jeans and light blue t-shirt. A girl next to the guy, is wearing jeans and a purple top. The girl in the middle is wearing a purple top too, but a pink t-shirt. The girl in the right side is wearing light blue jeans and light red top. I guess they are wearing shoes for specific reason.

Rokas 6a

This photo shows two men fighting for a ball in a football match in the foreground. In the background, I imagine, are another two footballers running for the ball too. I can see lights in the back all around the area, and because of that, the shadows of them are very long.

The fans in the stadium are shouting for a goal. From the face mimic, I can guess that these footballers are really angry and are trying to get the ball really hard. I can understand that they are going for a goal.

Guessing by the clothes, this is “Liverpool” playing versus “Chelsea”.

Redas 6d

This photo shows a monkey on the rope, in the jungle. In the foreground we can see a black, orange and brown monkey. I imagine that she is going to the tree house, because monkey is walking on the rope. This monkey is so cute, maybe because monkeys are one of my favourite animals! In the background we can see a lot of leaves. Judging by the trees, it`s summer or spring. I think behind the monkey there are more of them, because it`s jungle. I would call this monkey Trevor, because I think this name is best for this monkey. If you get a closer look, you can see that there are lots of ropes, so maybe it`s like a maze. I don`t think it is height, cause I can see a tree, witch is falling down, and also I can see a ground.

Simona 6a

In this photo I see many people . Judging by there smiles I guess they are happy and having fun. They are playing beach volleyball, perhaps, they are on vacation. In the horizon I see light blue sea or maybe an ocean. Judging by the sunglasses and bikinis the day is very sunny and hot. On the left of this photo I see a ship or a fishing platform. People are playing on the beach and the sand looks so warm and beautiful like in San Francisco.

Adomas 6a

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  1. Amar October 11, 2023

    Hi this post made my day. Fun and entertaining good luck to you

  2. Dominykas May 31, 2019

    Whehe, funny picture with the goats, by the way, good descriptions, we are learning this topic this week, maybe, these shall come in handy ty

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