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A Summary Of The Book “The School For Good And Evil” By Donata Jackevičiūtė

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Gavaldon is a small town surrounded by a forest. Every four years two kids disappear and never come back. However, children of Gavaldon notice, that those children who disappear eventually turn up in the fairy tales that are sold at the local book store. One child is always good and another one is always bad.

Sophie always knew, that she was a princess. She is the most beautiful girl in the Gavaldon. She is too good, too beautiful, too kind for her boring life, so she wants to be kidnapped from the village and she wishes to be brought to the legendary “School for good and evil”.

Agatha is totally different from Sophie. She likes to live her life in the cemetery with her mother and a black cat. All people think, that Agatha’s mother and Agatha are witches. Agatha has only one friend – Sophie. They are best friends.

Finally, Sophie and Agatha are kidnapped and are brought into the “School for good and evil”. However, Sophie is in the school for evil and Agatha – in the school for good. Neither of them wants to be in the lessons which don’t fit them. Things get even more complicated, when Sophie falls in love with the most popular boy in the school prince Tedros. She tries to get his attention and tries to prove everyone, that she is good, that she should be in the school for good, that she is a princess. Meanwhile, Agatha wants for her and Sophie to return home.

At the end of the book Sophie turns into a witch and Agatha finally understands, that she is a real princess and Tedros is her prince. But the war between the school for good and the school for evil is going on. Students are fighting. Nobody wins, but Agatha and Sophie return to the Gavaldon leaving the school, classmates and new friends behind.

I really like this book.There are a lot of adventures, the characters are so amazing. Also you can learn a lot about true friendship from this book. The book also teaches us that you can’t judge about a person from the first sight. During the reading of this book, you can forget everything you knew about fairy tales, because this book shows another side of them.

I recommend this book for those kids and teenagers, who like not only fantasy and adventure, but psychological books as well.

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  1. Rusnė July 1, 2018

    The book looks great, where could I find it in Vilnius? Or must I ship it from 🇺🇸? ☺️ Would be grateful if you could give me some advice on how to get a copy to read the 📖


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