9A Crimes. Grade 7. Level B1

UNIT 9A Theme- Crimes and Criminals

Your aims is to study the vocabulary (crimes and criminals) and to give your opinion of the most serious crimes.


  1. Open up the link and follow the lesson.
  2. Do ex. 2 p.84 ( complete the chart with missing words then listen and check, find the meanings you don’t know in your dictionaries)
  3. Open page 132 and do exercises 1,4)
  4. Do listening tasks 4,5 p. 84
  5. Do ex. 1,4,5 in your work books p. 80
  6. EVALUATION TASK – do ex. 6 p. 84 (decide which three of the crimes you know are the most serious, and why. Give your reasons. Write 8-10 sentences and send via email sudintiene@basanaviciausprogimnazija.lt) on Monday

Download (PDF, 32KB)