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Integrated Math, ICT and English Project – “The Art of Origami – My Experience“

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Name of the task:The Art of Origami – My Experience“.

Level: A2/B2

Age: 13+

Time: 1-2 months

Resources needed: Computer/laptop/smartphone/paper

Aim: to use the acquired knowledge of English language in practice – the use of nouns (names of figures, words related to mathematics and physics, descriptions of the work process, used in the project) and Past Tenses. Also, to improve students’ reading and writing skills, stimulate their imagination, as well as, to encourage them to learn more about the history of origami art.

Description: students work individually or in pairs/groups to create a presentation about The Art of Origami. They also describe the process of creating an origami figure of their choice.

Procedure: First, students read articles about the Art of Origami, its origin, history, they find out about the famous origami artists. Later, they make a presentation and present it. They can take photos of the origami figures that they fold and describe the process.

Notes: This task is useful to encourage students to use imagination and apply multiple skills. Students integrate math, English language and ICT. It also helps to improve grammar skills particularly the use of past tenses and noun structures, related to mathematical sciences.

The results of the project – samples:

Video – created by Gabrielė S. and Mileta R.

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  1. Emilija May 18, 2023

    Love the history behind the art💞

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