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Online Story – Integrating English and ICT

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Integrated English & ICT Project “Story Online – Using Technology”. Students created stories online, using English (Past tenses) and ICT.

First, students created their stories using Past Simple and Past Continuous tenses. To qualify – the story had to be interesting to read and easy to follow (approx. 200 words long). After that, students had to paste in pictures of their choice to illustrate the story. They could also draw pictures of their own at first and then paste the drawings into their story. At the end of the process, students had to write 3-5 questions for comprehension of the text. The questions had to be in Past Simple or Past Continuous tenses as well. Finally, students shared their stories online, read them, and answered the questions.

Level B1_B2


Create a mystery story of your own. Write about a crime that took place in (…). Use Past tenses and compound nouns from Unit 6A. Write about 200 – 250 words.

Examples of stories written by our students:

More stories here:

6A Crime at the Manor. Creative approach – Mystery Story. Grade 8. Level B2

Grade 6. Level A2

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  1. Justeliokas February 11, 2020

    Awesome stories!

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