About Tomas Aleknavičius

My name is Tomas, as you might have already guessed. One day I hope to add the title "professor" to my name, just like my favorite author - J. R. R. Tolkien. Among the many things I like, stuff of historical and mythological nature pop-up the most. Why? I guess I was born this way :D I have always liked reading medieval battle descriptions, notes of architects on how they built their castles in different periods in time and what exactly could a single cannon do to a tower. A part from warfare, history has shown me that people are just amazing! However tough it gets people never stop creating joy and beauty around them. A knight, after a long day of fighting, would eventually end up under the balcony of his beloved singing ballads praising her beauty. Having grown up surrounded with these stories, I started wishing that I could leave my own mark in the world, in this wast tapestry upon which humanity is drawing the portrait of it's spirit. Writing for you is my way of doing so :)