Goals and Objectives

The main goal of our project – to create an independent platform and use it as an alternative method of ESL teaching/learning. This is a space for interactive learning through technology, which provides the opportunity to stimulate creativity, encourage participation in social events, and integrate English language into the learning process in up to date, natural and exciting way. This could be a favorable educational environment for students who have special needs and/or skills above the average.

We would like to spread the idea of this alternative teaching/learning method as it improves student motivation, broadens their outlook. As well as it invites for and facilitates communication among school communities and universities in Lithuania and abroad.

Another important aim of ours is to improve students’ English language skills as well as social skills by providing them with a different tool for learning. We seek to raise student awareness of social issues such as equal rights, tolerance, diversity, inclusion, environmental protection, etc. We encourage the students and their communities to be more active, participate in social projects, write articles, share opinions and discuss various issues using the English language in real life situations.

Our target groups are students and school communities as well as any individuals that are interested in the topics we share: globalization, social awareness, pollution, healthy lifestyle, citizenship, human rights, food waste, Eco-friendly houses, alternative energy sources etc.


​We invite you to use our interactive ESL teaching/learning platform