“Thanksgiving Traditions” -Organised Event With The Diplomats Of The US Embassy In Vilnius:)

On the 22nd of November we had real fun learning some interesting facts about the Thanksgiving Day traditions in the USA. The cultural attache Althea Cawley-Murphree presented the historical facts about this significant tradition for Americans all over the world. Our students learnt a lot about Thanksgiving traditions, the seminar was gripping and very interesting. The students of the grades 6p, 7c and 8c not only listened but participated in the seminar as well, students had many questions about the Thanksgiving and other American traditions which Althea managed to answer so interestingly that she hooked our attention for more than an hour and a half.

We wish to express our gratitude to the US Embassy for this seminar which was vastly informative and presented in thinking “out of the box” style. Thank you all for making this event happen! 🙂

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If you want to read the descriptions of the slides please “pop out” the file and point the cursor of your mouse onto the bubble as shown in this picture below 😉 Or you could simply download the file “Thanksgiving Talk 2017” Click on it.

Good luck 🙄

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Sightseeing videos (Asking and giving information)

We hope these video tutorials will help you asking for information in a tourist office abroad 😳 

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Announcement from the U.S. Embassy shortened by Juta Kvederaitė 7B

Hello, fellow students from Vilnius Jonas Basanavičius! Our school’s newspaper got a letter from the U.S. Embassy, that offered some special things for us. Today, we will go over what those things are.
The U.S. Embassy is very interested in our project and that our articles directly relate to the themes of their mission.

Because of that, they have several suggestions for our team:

1. They would like to offer to pay for any events that they organize\present, for example – they are currently organizing a tour of street dance group Soul Street Dance from Houston, U.S. who will perform in LOFTAS on March 23 (this performance is free). They welcome us to this event, and will inform us more when it’s time for the group’s visit, as well as other projects that might interest us.

Our newspaper’s writers or their English studying friends, who don’t necessarily write everyday, would make an article about the climate change and environmental protection, dedicated to the Earth Day, April 22. People who decide to contribute to this project should link\make a reference of some kind to Lithuania. The U.S. Embassy will read their articles, select three best ones, which they would also publish on their social media!!! 😀 😉 😀

Let US know what you think of their projects, as well as if you’re going to enter the contest!

Summed up, on or around April 22, they would be happy to invite all the writers from The VOICE, as well other students who write from J. Basanavičius (max 30 people), to visit the Embassy, where the authors of three best articles would be awarded with books and special Embassy prizes.

Finally, they also wondered if our team would be interested in teaming up with another school, who have a similar newspaper or planning to get one. They are looking forward to working with us more!

Good luck from the U.S. Embassy, The VOICE!Untitled

Their Contacts

Akmenų g. 7, 03106 Vilnius, Lietuva
, FB:

Breaking News|reporter: “Know more, live better””

Our school is on fire!!!!! This Wednesday, 11 am. the society of our school was shocked by extra-ordinary event. We‘re burning!!! About 900 people were evacuated. The students of 5-8 forms even missed their coats and schoolbags. Primary school students were strongly disappointed – they cried. These News reached the bigger part of my classmates, during the break in the Technology room. The social worker opened the door and screamed: Run AWAY!!! There was no reason to explain, cause thick grey smoke started to penetrate to our room . We all started to run.
Run AWAY!!! These words like a command didn‘t leave any thoughts in our minds. It looked like stop-motion horror film. The smoke chased us during the running corridor. We stopped when we got outside, but the horror didn’t disappear: we missed one classmate. No one saw her, until someone said, that she is in emergency car. During the accident, two more girls were poisoned by the smoke too.
We were standing on the other side of the road and trembling. I couldn‘t answer to myself as I shook from fear or cold. Thank god it wasn‘t -25*C outside that day. Rescue services started working: firefighters – in the building, doctors – in ambulances, police – stopped the traffic. Finally, after an hour, the fire was extinguished. Slowly, the students from neighbor buildings (where they were warming themselves, thanks to the people and office workers that provided shelter), returned to their classrooms, to take back their things. It was an hour of fear and panics for the smaller kids. The good news: tomorrow will be a day off. All of us must to calm down and make conclusions.

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P.S. This article is dedicated to my younger brother, who is ill. You missed (as always) the most interesting!!!