What it feels to be a bear these days by Audrė Baublytė 7D

Ben wakes up early and heads out. His family is still sleeping. His children are all cuddled up by their mother. It’s cold but he has to go hunting or his family will starve. Ben is a polar bear. Every year his life gets harder and harder, mostly because of us – humans. As more and more ice melts every year he has to swim further to reach the land after fishing. He barely made it out of the water once.

What if he won’t reach the land next year? What will his family do? What if next year while fishing his paw gets stuck in a plastic bag, one that we made and threw out? Who would be responsible for that?

Lithuanians live in a lovely country but do not seem to notice it. It could be even more beautiful if only we would cherish and take care of it. Very simple things like walking to the market instead of taking the car can make a huge difference to our planet and they are so easy to do.

Ben’s cousins from Lithuania would love to see their home become a better and healthier place to live in. We could all help Ben and his relatives. Or at least stop making their lives harder. Let’s work together and make our planet and its children healthier and happier.