So you want to buy your first car?? tips by Frederikas Pocius

First Car
So you recently passed the driving exam and you decided that it’s time to get a car. Owning your own car has quite a few benefits: you can go around cities much quicker than public transport, you don’t need to wait at bus stops, for some people it’s just a way to wind down, and in general it gives you much more freedom, but there are quite a few aspects that you might not expect to encounter when getting your first car.

Since most teenagers and young adults aren’t exactly rich, buying a second-hand car is the only option and there are quite a few things you need to look out for. Try to study what usual flaws the car you want has or bring someone who has expertise on cars and try to look for these flaws when inspecting the car, finding flaws can lead to a big discount or you might dodge a car that has a huge problem. 23

During the test drive, don’t be worried of pushing the car, rev the engine hard, try to listen to the engine and try to hear if it makes unusual sounds, also make sure the car isn’t overheating, while not driving in traffic let go of the steering-wheel to see if the car goes straight, if the car swerves left or right it might have chassis problems.

A thorough inspection will leave you with no surprises if you decide to buy the car. If you are searching for cars online, try to look for any details, the angle of the pictures, it might sometimes end up that the seller is trying to hide a big scratch or rust. All in all, buying a car is quite a difficult process and it’s a long lasting decision that you will need to live with for quite a while, so buying the right car is very important.

Frederikas Pocius