Digital Books. Project – My Favourite Hero

Students participated in a project, called “My favourite hero”. They read books by famous writers, made summaries, and analyzed the characters and the plots for three months.

My Favourite Hero – Heroes’ Origins Explained

Name of the task: Describing a character

Level: A2/B1

Age: 10+

Time: 2-3 months

Resources needed: Computer/laptop/smartphone

Aim: to improve reading and writing skills, stimulate students’ imagination, and encourage them to love literature.

Description: students work individually or in pairs/groups to create a summary of a story they read. They also analyze their favorite characters’ personalities in the chosen story and illustrate them.

Procedure: First, students read the stories of famous writers, then they write a short description of the story and describe a chosen character. They can also draw pictures to illustrate the main characters of the story.

Notes: This task is very useful to encourage students to read. It also helps to improve grammar skills particularly the use of adjectives describing personality.

Foreign languages (English/French/Russian) – collaboration result

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ESL teacher-student collaboration result:

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