How to write a good film review/example. By Gabrielė S.

“Emilijaiš Laisvės alėjos“ is a patriotic story. The plot revolves around the life of actors and their love for Lithuania. There are some powerful, thought-provoking shots that unfolds a dedication to this country and a resistance to communism.

Ieva Andrejavaitė delivered a fine performance in the leading role. Although in the opening sequence of the film this character seems quite a far-fetched, in the nail-biting finale Emilija’s portrayal is moving. Moreover, all cast is enough good and convincing indeed. Even though all actors are sentimental, pretty well-drawn characters, the film strength is its screenplay which conveys the main idea – love to Lithuania.

Set in the past day, the film was mostly shot on location in Kaunas. This city provides the perfect setting for the film. Also there are some shots like that with rain which are aesthetic and provide a good look to the film. Therefore, the filming looks so professional and doesn’t have that common third-rate feature like many Lithuanians’ films.

It’s known that Lithuanians’ films aren’t extremely popular, however, this film has spectators on the edge of their screen. As a result of this gripping story, many people recommend each other to watch “Emilijaiš Laisvės alėjos“ as a blockbuster. So, it’s a box-office hit.