“Paper Towns” Film Review. By Juta KvederaitÄ—

“Get Lost. Get Found.”

“Paper Towns” is based on the bestselling novel by author John Green, is about two teenagers, Quentin , (played by Nat Wolff) and his next door neighbor Margo (played by Cara Delevingne), who loved mysteries so much she became one. After taking Ouentin on a tour of the city, Margo suddenly dissapears – but leaves clues for him to find her. The love struck boy with the help of his cheerful friends go on an adventure, soon to understand true friendship – true love.

The genre of the movie is drama, mystery and romance. I am definitely not the type to pick a romance film during a movie night, but since this was a JONH GREEN’S movie I thought i would check it out. I didn’t feel like I need to take my time back, actually I felt quite the opposite – I rewatched it. It’s super gripping – the actors did a wonderful job, considering this was Cara’s first lead role in the movie, the soundtrack made my ears cry of the wonderful sounds. What I really loved is that there was no special effects used, actors did their own stunts (Nat needed to pass his driving test, while Cara needed to climb trees and get to the house roof, etc).

Overall, I would definitely recommend the movie to everyone- my mom, my friends, a stranger-no that’s too weird… anyway. This film is very moving, there are many deep quotes, once I finished watching it I was left with many different emotions – happiness, sadness, calm, angry. It made me think about what do I want to be, what do I want to do, figure myself out. What secrets do we, each person, hold? You would think, that Margo ran away for some stupid idea, and hate her because she left Quentin hanging, without a note for her parents.. But You soon understand that is not the case.

6.5\10 for IMDb ratings, 51% out of 100% from Rotten Tomatoes.

Margo: Everything’s uglier up close.

Quentin: Not you.