Digital Books. Project – My Favourite Hero

Students of Vilnius Jonas Basanavičius pre-gymnasium participated in a project, called “My favourite hero”. They read books of famous writers, made summaries, analyzed the characters and the plots for three months.

My Favourite Hero – Heroes’ Origins Explained

Name of the task: Describing a character

Level: A2/B1

Age: 10+

Time: 2-3 months

Resources needed: Computer/laptop/smartphone

Aim: to improve reading and writing skills, stimulate students’ imagination and encourage them to love literature.

Description: students work individually or in pairs/groups to create a summary of a story they read. They also analyse their favourite characters’ personality in the chosen story and illustrate them.

Procedure: First, students read the stories of famous writers, then they write a short description of the story and describe a chosen character. They can also draw the pictures to illustrate the main characters of the story.

Notes: This task is very useful to encourage students to read. It also helps to improve grammar skills particularly the use of adjectives describing personality.

Foreign languages (English/French/Russian) – collaboration result

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ESL teacher – student collaboration result:

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Collaboration with J. Basanavičius gymnasium. Exemplary essay writing. By Urtė Bajarūnaitė 4E


Are role models needed in today’s society?

Choosing wisely which path to take in life is a hard task on its own but it has become even more difficult nowadays due to the world of infinite opportunities and materialism. In such a variety of alternative ways of living a person need someone to look up to. Role models not only help developing certain character traits but also forming moral values.

While the majority of world’s population has sunken into the depths of self-interest and purposeless pursuit of wealth, role models show that spiritual values are still as important as ever. Though it is rather hard for a person not to get seduced by material wellness and not to forget the more important things in life, some stand out of the crowd and demonstrate an inexplicable sense of selflessness and dedication seeking for the greater good. Charity workers, scientists, politicians, teachers or people who are simply trying to make a difference in the world with no intentions of self-promotion or rewards are the ones that restore faith in moral principles. Instances of self-sacrifice for families, nations or development of the world make people reconsider their own values and even reinvent themselves as better individuals.

Today’s society demands people to be self-centered and vicious in order for them to make something of themselves, but role models exhibit qualities which lead to a more purposeful life. The need of adaptation may force one to become indifferent, passive and unconfident. Having a kind-hearted, persistent or compassionate person to look up to motivates to take up these traits. For example, a young girl called MalalaYousafzai, who fought for freedom of education to all in a country overruled by the relentless Taliban, showed extreme courage and determination overcoming hindrances in her way inspiring thousands if not millions of youngsters to be brave and have perseverance in reaching their goals. Following the right icons can embrace the best qualities of a person.

All in all, having a role model in such socially difficult and confusing times is undeniably important so that priorities could be set right and one’s personality enriched.

Author: Urtė Bajarūnaitė 4e

Teacher: Akvilė Katauskytė – Burokienė.