My trip to Gothenburg by Giriotas

One day my aunt called me and said that she and my cousin are going on a trip. A trip to second largest city in Sweden – Gothenburg. She asked me if I want to go with them? I accepted their invitation with great pleasure. And after three weeks I traveled to Gothenburg.

In Gothenburg we were at about 17.00 p. m. Swedish time. We found our apartment and watched basketball.

Next day we visiteda botanical garden and saw a great view from the top of the rock garden. The garden was full of smells, colors and interesting plants.

After that we went to the museum of natural history which is full of stuffed animal. Some were made by humans, some were natural. Unfortunately all information was in Swedish and I couldn’t get to know more about the animals and their nature.

And finally we went to Sjöfartsmuseet Akvariet. It’s a sailing museum with lots of different boat models, but again I felt unhappy because all written and audio information was in Swedish.

Next day was the day that I waited for all the summer. This was the day that I went to Liseberg – my first amusement park ever.

But before that we were in an amazing museum called Universeum. There is a green place were birds can fly, fish can swim and sloths can sleep freely. There also were two floors of interesting games and interactive tests. One was for your health and why you need to be healthy and another floor was about space and how astronauts live and survive in space bases.

After that we went to LISEBERG!!! In Liseberg there are about 40 rides of which I visited 7.

First was The Balder. After that ride I lost my voice so I really recommend this ride.

After Balder we went to Lisebergbanan. It looks like kids’ roller coaster, but when you ride it you will love it.

Kållerado – was our third ride but it wasn’t as amusing as previous rides. Especially when I was hit by two shots of water.

FlumeRide – unfortunately my coat’s zip broke and I needed to borrow my aunt’s coat. I recommend to bring a good coat to this ride because if you don’t you will get totally wet.

Hanghaiwas probably my favorite ride in the Liseberg. I rode it 2 times. And I wanted the third one, but the line was terribly long so we passed it.

AtmosFear – lots of people know this ride as free fall. I recommend the AtmosFear because when you are at the top there is a great view of Gothenburg.

And our last ride was The Liseberg Wheel it gave us lots of spectacular pictures and memories.

Then we went to centre and accidentally found 50 minutes boat trip by water channels. In the journey we heard about the floating ships museum Maritiman and we decided to visit it another day.

After the boat trip we went to the shopping mall. We found Starbucks and had some coffee.

The third day was our last day. We visited The Maritiman. From 18 objects 13 are different ships. Maritiman is a floating ships’ museum. There are lightships, cargo ships, barges and a crane. We climbed down to the submarine which was my favorite one. And the interesting fact about the submarines is that before WWII at least 30 persons were needed to sail a submarine.

After exploring the ships we went for another cup of coffee at our beloved Starbucks. And this was the end of our very enjoyable journey. 🙄

1. How many rides did I take at Liseberg?

2. How many ships are there in The Maritiman?

3. What was the name of my favorite ride?