Top 5 ways to prank your friends and family! HALLOWEEN:) By Matas D. 6c

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I do not answer for the injuries that may happen. Prank at your own risk! 😀

  1. The disappear spider prank. This prank is purely psychological.

Things that you’ll need: Cup, sticky note. How to prank:

So you 1will put the plastic cup upside down and make a little hole. Then you will put down the sticky note and write that you cough a giant spider. And then they want to look inside and throw away the spider. They will see that the spider is missing!

  1. Scary cockroaches/ spiders from the vent.

Things that you’ll need:

Fake cockroach/spider, see thru duct tape.

How to prank:

Locate 2the vent in your house/ flat. Make little rolls out of duct tape. put the duct tape under the fake bug, and then you apply it in the vent!

  1. Scary blood toilet prank. + Bonus!

Things that you’ll need:

Lipstick, toilet.

How to prank:

Go to your bath room and under the first toilet seat write your scary message there quick and simple. But I would write the scary message on the mirror.


Put red water colouring into the water canister.

  1. Bing bang bong!

Thingsthat you’ll need:

Your hands.

How to prank:

It’s really simple. Then someone is in the bath room you just give a good bang bang to the door.

  1. And the main way to prank is, watch some Halloween prank videos!

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