So who were they (“The Beatles”)? By Veronika Poškutė

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The Beatles

The band consisted of four people. Those people are John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. At first there were six people in this band, but one of them died and another one had to leave the band because their producer said so 🙄 . The Beatles made people sing and play in halls…this was a revolution 😉

John Lennon

He was born in 1940 and died in 1980. He was murdered. The killer was his fan and now that man is in prison. Lennon had two wives Yoko Ono and Cynthia Lennon. He had two sons Julien and Sean. In the Beatles he played a guitar and piano, he sang songs and wrote them.

Paul McCartney

He was born in 1942 and he is alive now. He had three wives, but his first wife was Linda McCartney, I think that he loved her most, but she died. He had three daughters. He wrote songs from the age of 16 and he has written about 200 songs. He was a composer like John Lennon. He sang songs and played the guitar.

George Harrison

He was the youngest in the Beatles. He was born in 1943, died in 2001. He died from lung cancer. He sang and played the guitar in the band. He had a wife and a son. He’s the only one of the group, who wrote his autobiography and it’s strange that he wrote only a little bit about the Beatles, as if they weren’t important at all 😯

Ringo Starr

This guy is the oldest and shortest in the band. He joined last as well. He was born in 1940 and he is alive now like Paul 😳 . Sometimes he sang, but really he played with drums. :mrgreen: He had a wife, but she died, so now he has another one. I think that he was fun. No?

Here is one of their songs:

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